Stanford Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease

Genetic Counseling

Genetic counseling is an important component of the services offered at Stanford’s Center for Inherited Cardiovascular Disease.  As the conditions that we treat “run in the family” we want to be sure that each of our patients have a supportive place to find out more about what having an inherited condition means for them, for their family members, and for family planning.

Part of the initial workup at our center involves meeting with a genetic counselor.  This meeting will include a discussion of what genetic testing is available for your condition and how such testing can help you and your family members.  By reviewing your family history the genetic counselor will help you identify which family members are at risk to have the inherited cardiovascular condition that’s running in your family. We will give you and your family recommendations for how to check for the development of heart problems in at-risk family members as well as any steps that can be taken to prevent heart problems.  The genetic counselor can also provide support and counseling to help you and your family deal with the emotions that arise when someone in the family has an inherited condition.

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